The Turner barn project was successfully completed in May 2007.  Thanks to everyone in the Mad River Valley community and beyond who helped assure that this farm will be here for generations to come!

Barn Reconstruction

Work Crews and Building Supplies  Charlie Hosford is heading up this project.  Volunteers have offered to help with construction and electrical work.  Habitat for Humanity has volunteered manpower.  More help will be needed.  If you can offer any services, building supplies, equipment, or tools please contact Robin McDermott 496-3567 or fill out the mail registration form on the left and include what you are able to offer in the comments.

Information for Volunteers - The goal of this project is to rebuild the barn as quickly as possible so that the cows who were relocated to Middlebury and Cabot can come home.  Each day there will be different construction tasks - in many cases those tasks will not be known until the day before.  When you volunteer, we will get information on the skills, tools, and equipment you can provide...this way, when you are needed you will be contacted.  This approach will ensure that the right people are on the job on the days they are most needed. 

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NEW 3/16/07 The trusses arrive right on schedule first thing on Friday morning!

Photo: Amalia Elena Veralli

New 3/16/07 Trusses are unloaded from the truck.

New 3/16/07 When the last truss gets unloaded, just like clockwork, Ky Koitzsch shows up with his truck to put the trusses in place.

Photo: Amalia Elena Veralli

New 3/16/07 One by one the trusses are put into place.

Photo: Amalia Elena Veralli

New 3/16/07

Photo: Amalia Elena Veralli

New 3/16/07 Here is the crane moving the truss into place.

New 3/16/07 Trusses are carefully and skillfully put into place with the help of Ky's giant crane.

Photo: Amalia Elena Veralli

New 3/16/07 Someone on the workcrew helps guide the truss into place.

Photo: Amalia Elena Veralli

New 3/16/07

NEW 3/10/07 Saturday's work crew included teens from the Warren Church, Waitsfield, United Church of Christ, and the Green Mountain Valley School.

NEW 3/10/07 A barbeque lunch was a great reward for the crew.

NEW 3/10/07 There was stain everywhere!

NEW 3/10/07 Well, not everyone got into the painting project!

NEW 3/10/07 Doug and Marion talk about the farm and what it takes to be a farmer in the make-shift clapboard painting room.

NEW 3/6/07 Today's crew of 5 frames the building.

NEW 3/6/07 Jeremiah Rutledge framing the south wall under less than perfect conditions.

NEW 3/6/07 Rick Thompson using the nail gun.

NEW 3/6/07 Steve Sayers under the manure spreader working on a wall.

NEW 3/6/07 Ta Da! Ready for the trusses and roof! Great job guys!

This is the scene prior to demolition.

On the Monday after the roof collapsed, the old barn was demolished and removed in five large dumpsters.

The site needed to be prepped for the concrete footings.

These are the concrete forms for the footings.

Paul Hartshorns lumber mill.

Check out that saw blade! Be careful Paul!

Kevin Streeter working on the concrete pour.

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