Fall 2010 Certified Organic Quebec Oats

Important Order Information
Order today! Delivery will begin around October 28 2010. Supplies are limited.



Once or twice a year we place a bulk order of oats from Michele Goudreau of Golden Crops in Compton Quebec which is within 100 miles of the Mad River Valley. The oats are ordered and imported by Glenn Loati of La Panciatta Bakery in Northfield. Glenn does this as a favor to us and we really appreciate him helping us out! Please keep that in mind next time you are buying a loaf of bread – La Panciatta offers a great selection of breads that are delicious!

While I (Robin McDermott) promote the order on the Mad River Valley Locavore’s website, I personally purchase the oats and pay for them in advance. That is why, unlike when you purchase oats through a store, I ask for payment in advance before you actually get the product.

Basically you need to let me know how many oats you want and which distributor you wish to use (we have distributors in Burlington, Montpelier and Addison County and I handle distribution for the Mad River Valley) Then I will confirm your order. At that point, I ask that you send me your check for the oats. All oats must be paid for in advance.

Prepayment Required

I need to have all of the checks in hand before we start distributing the oats. The distributors are not able to collect the money for the oats.

Thank you for understanding this admittedly rigid policy.

About the Fall 2010 Order

Glenn is changing the way that he orders from Michele and is now ordering only twice a year instead of four times a year. When I learned this, I ordered 3000 pounds of oats from him back in late August to assure that we had some available for a fall order. So, unlike with past orders, the good news is that the oats are HERE safely stored in a climate controlled warehouse – we don’t have to worry about the FDA holding up the oats at the border or any of the other problems we have had with past deliveries. The oats will be picked up by the distributors in late October (weather permitting) and you will be able to pick them up within days depending on how the distributor disperses their supply.

Currently there are about 4 fifty pound bags and 100 twenty-five pound bags available. Lots of people have been asking about the oats so if you want some, please get your order in soon!

FULL DISCLOSURE: The prices have gone up slightly, but I have also added $1 per bag extra that will enable me to give each of the distributors a free 25 pound bag of oats for their time and effort. These folks go out of their way to pick up the oats and get them to the buyers – without them we would not be able to do these orders.



  • 25 pound bags: $22 each
  • 50 pound bags*: $40 SOLD OUT

*Limited supply

The oats are certified organic and grown in Compton Quebec and processed by Michel Goudreau of Golden Crops.

How to Order:

The oats orders are simple! Just tell me the number of bags that you want by filling out the online order form and then send me a check. When the oats come in you will get an email from the distributor in your area with pick up instructions.

Thanks everyone for buying lots of oats!

Robin McDermott