Local Food Recipes

The more you get into using local ingredients, the more you learn how easy it is to adapt all kinds of recipes to use local ingredients. And, remember, while the Eat Local Challenges are about being purists, being a Locavore year round is not. So, if you are craving a Thai meal, what is wrong with using local veggies and meat and flavoring it with coconut milk, fish sauce, and lime? The bulk of your ingredients are still LOCAL!

Mad River Valley Recipe Database

Well over 200 Locavore recipes and we encourage you to please add your own! Searchable by ingredients, season, and type of meal.

Addison County’s Eating Local Foods in Addison County Cookbook

What a find! Wouldn’t it be great to have something like this for the Mad River Valley! This cookbook apparently was put together by several Middlebury College Students as a school project. What I love about it is that it honors farms in Addison County by including a little piece about the farm’s history and farmers and then includes several recipes from the farm.

Don’t let the fact that it is Addison County stop you from checking out this tremendous resource. There are lots of great Locavore recipes in the 71 page book!