Montpelier Commonshare Local Food Order

The Montpelier Commonshare ended distribution in 2011/2012. When it started in 2003 it was a challenge to eat an all local diet in the summer, but it was impossible to access a good variety of local foods in the winter. At the same time, because there were no winter farmers’ markets in Vermont in the winter, there wasn’t a good way for farmers to sell directly to consumers between November and April. The Montpelier Commonshare, which started as the Tree of Life Collective, solved two problems with one simple program.

Today, it is relatively easy to maintain a primarily local diet year-round. We were huge fans of the Montpelier Commonshare, but fully support that organizers for their decision to end their program in 2011. Many thanks to Amy Macrellis for helping to feed us over the past 8 long and cold Vermont winters!