Locavore Food Sources

Not sure of where 100 miles from where you are located would be? Check out this customized map based on your zip code.

East Warren Community Market

Located at the East Warren Schoolhouse on Roxbury Mountain Road in East Warren

  • Vegetables/Fruit: Sweet corn, tomatoes, summer and winter squash and apples
  • Grains: Nitty Gritty Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, Nitty Gritty Organic Corn Meal, Popping Corn – A GREAT Locavore snack!
  • Dairy: Monument Farms Milk and Cream, Local Cheeses
  • Eggs: Gwyn’s Eggs (Waitsfield)

More local foods coming in daily!

Elwin Neill Farm

Located on North Road in Waitsfield

  • Vegetables/Fruit: Sweet corn, tomatoes, summer and winter squash and apples
  • Milk: Raw milk is available from 4 to 6pm daily. Please bring a clean container to the milk house. Look for Allison or Forest who will be in the barn milking – they can help you get the milk.

Franciscan Farms Farmstand

Located at Juniper’s Fare in Waterbury

  • Vegetables: Seasonal Veggies!

Gaylord Farmstand

  • Vegetables: Lots of Seasonal Veggies!
  • Meat: Chicken, beef, pork, eggs.

Hartshorn’s Farmstand

  • Fruits: Apples, melons
  • Vegetables: Lots of Seasonal Veggies!
  • Sweets: Maple Syrup

Hunger Mountain Coop (Montpelier)

  • Vegetables: sugar pumpkins, acorn squash, carrots, red and gold beets, turnips, parsnips, garlic, braising greens, sprouts, Flack Family Farm kimchi and sauerkraut
  • Dairy: Strafford Organic Dairy milk, cream and ice cream (Strafford), Monument Farms Co-op brand milk, half and half, and cream (Weybridge), Liberte yogurt (Quebec), Willow Hill Sheep Yogurt and cheese (Milton), Cobb Hill Cheese (Hartland), Does Leap Farm cheese (East Fairfield), Frog City Cheese (Plymouth), Major Farm cheese (Putney), Orb Weaver Farm cheese (New Haven), Plymouth Cheese Co. cheese (Plymouth) – Lots and lots of Vermont Cheeses.
  • Meat: Apple Ridge Farm (Shoreham), Back Beyond (Chelsea), Boyden Farm (Cambridge), Cavendish Game Farm (Cavendish), Flint Brook (Roxbury), Garvin Hill Vermont Beefalo (Greensboro), Maple Lane (Cabot), Misty Knoll, North Hollow (Rochester), Stonewood Farm (Orwell), Winding Brook (Morrisville)
  • Bakery: Trukenbrod (Vershire), Red Hen Baking Company
  • Fruit: Champlain Valley Orchards cider and apples (West Shoreham), Berry Creek Farms frozen strawberries (Westfield),
  • Sweets: Gormly’s apple cider jelly (North Chittenden), Brookfield Sugarmakers syrup, Kingdom Mtn syrup, Smith Family Farms syrup, State of VT syrup, Beehaven honey
  • Wine: Flag Hill Cider (Vershire), Grandview Winery (Calais), Shelburne Vineyards Wine, Boyden Vineyards Wine
  • Other: Rhapsody tempeh

Local Beer for Locavores

Lawson’s Liquids available at The Warren Store and American Flatbread and The Common Man.

Mehuron’s Market

  • Fruit: Champlain Orchards apples, Cold Hollow cider, Vermont Village Organic Applesauce
  • Produce: produce suppliers vary daily but often include Mazza’s and Legarre’s.
  • Dairy: Monument Farm milk and cream, Liberte yogurt, Butterworks Farm yogurt and heavy cream, VT Butter and Cheese chevre, butter, creme fraiche and mascarpone,a variety of cheeses from: Willow Hill Farm, Shelburne Farms, Blue Ledge Farms, Vermont Farmstead, Blythedale Farm, Lazy Lady Farm, Jasper Farm and Grafton Village Cheese Co.
  • Eggs: Gwyn’s Eggs (Waitsfield)
  • Meats: Misty Knoll Farm Free Range Chicken & Turkey
  • Sweets: Vermont Wildflower Honey, Singing Cedars Apiaries honey, Champlain Valley apiaries, A. Long maple syrup
  • Wines and Spirits: Boyden Valley Wineries red and white wines, Shelburne Vineyards red and white wines, Sunshine Vodka (made in Stowe but source of potatoes is not verified), Vermont Spirits Vodka (“Gold” made from maple sap and “White” from milk sugars)

Moretown General Store

  • Eastman Long and Sons Maple Syrup
  • Cold Hollow Cider
  • Maple Meadow Farm Eggs
  • Cabot Cheese

Mountain Valley Farm

  • Sweets: Honey and Maple Syrup
  • Dairy: Eggs


  • Sweets: Green Mountain Honey Farms honey
  • Dairy: VT Butter and Cheese chevre, Cabot cheddar
  • Other: Vermont Village Cannery applesauce (in small snack size packs)

Singing Spindle Spinnery

Located on Route 100 just 1000 feet north of Harwood Union High School

  • Produce: Seasonal vegetables including summer squash, cut flowers and potted herbs.

This is the place for locavores to go in the early spring when you are craving something fresh from the ground – Jerusalem artichokes are their specialty along with rhubarb and freshly dug horseradish.

Sweet Pea Whole Foods Market

From Carin at SweetPea in 2008 (Items may be different this year)

We are so excited about the challenge and the chance again to be creative with local cuisine. You can find on our Hot Bar daily vegetarian and vegan specials, soups and baked goods. Our Salad Bar will be labeled with which items are local. In our to-go case we will have meals & desserts to go for you and your family.

The store is a locavore paradise. Everything is labeled with a “Local Product” tag and you will be pleasantly surprised at our great selection and how easy it will be for you to put together a fantastic meal, sure to please.

  • Vegetables: carrots, potatoes, beets, turnips. Sunflower Sprouts, Snow Pea Sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts, Rutabagas, Spicy Dilly Beans, Squash, Corn, Greens, Cucumbers, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Tomatillo, Onions, Zucchini, Celery, Broccoli, Peppers, Scallions, Pumpkins, Cabbage, Winter Squash.
  • Fruit: loose apples from Champlain Orchards- Paula Red and Ginger Gold, Macs & Cider, Plums, Seckel Pears
  • Dairy: Crowley Cheese (Healdville VT), VT Butter and Cheese chevre, mascarpone, crème fraiche, quark and butter, Neighborly Farms feta, Woodcock Farm sheep’s milk cheese, Grafton Cheese cheddar, Strafford Organic Creamery ice cream (maple is the only truly local flavor) and milk, Butterworks Farm yogurt and heavy cream, Woodstock Water Buffalo yogurt, Oak Knoll Dairy goats’ milk, Millbourne Farm yogurt drink, Frog City Cheese, mozzarella, Crowley cheeses Buffalo de Vermont Yogurt, Vermont Soy Milk, Vermont Soy Tofu, Stafford Milk, Buttermilk, ½ & 1/2 , Heavy Cream, Blythedale Farm Brie & Camembert, Maplebrook Mozzarella & Ricotta, Flax Family Farm Kimchi Sauerkraut, Deep Roots Organic Spiced Beets, Carrots, Daikon.
  • Eggs: from Donald Terry and Lichen Rock (organically fed)
  • Bulk: Butterworks Farm mixed beans and Jacob’s cattle beans, Butterworks Farm “early riser” cornmeal, Gleason Grains stone ground fine whole wheat flour Wheat Berries, Black Beans,
  • Sweets: maple syrup (bulk bin), Bill’s Busy Bees natural comb honey, Green Mountain Honey Farms honey, Dunham Family Maple syrup, Highland Sugarworks syrup, Northwoods Apiaries Organic Raw Honey, Willis Wood’s Pure Cider Jelly, Honey Gardens Apiaries Raw Honey, Maple Sugar, Boiled Cider, Cider Jelly,
  • Wines: Shelburne Vineyards Lakewood White, New World Red, Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, Rhapsody Dessert
  • Other assorted stuff: Vermont Village Cannery applesauce, Love and Tea “Green Mountain Mint”, Sheffield Farm Seitan, Rhapsody Tempeh, Sunflower Oil
  • Meats: Misty Knoll Chicken, Turkey, Sausage, Turkey Cutlets, Ground Turkey, Meadow View Farm Ground Beef & Steaks

Three Shepherds of the Mad River Valley

Located on Roxbury Mountain Road

  • Cheese: Made with local milk and sold at the cheesemaking facility on Roxbury Mountain Road, at the Waitsfield Farmers’ Market and the Warren Store.

The Turner Farm

Located on Route 100 in Waitsfield.

Milk: Raw organic milk. Bring your own clean container. Go during milking from 6am to 7am or 6pm to 7pm.

Von Trapp Farmstead Cheese

Located on Common Road in Waitsfield.

  • Cheese: Made on the farm with milk from the cows you see grazing in the pastures.

The Waitsfield Wine Shoppe

The biggest selection of Vermont wines from Boyden Valley Winery, North Branch Winery, Lincoln Peak Vineyards, Fresh Tracks, Shelburne Vineyards and more!

The Warren Store

  • Dairy: in the deli- Blue Ledge Farm La Luna cheese, Taylor Smoked Gouda cheese, VT Gorgonzola cheese, Dancing Cow Farmstead cheese, Blue Ledge Farm Lake’s Edge chevre, Three Shepherd’s of the Mad River Valley Cheeses.
  • Quick Grab: Lunch time will provide additional Locavore specials and/or entrees in the case, along with soups and salads.
  • Meats: Maple Wind Farm Pork for sale, plus locally raised, venison, and chicken.
  • Produce: A selection of local vegetables.
  • Wines: Shelburne Vineyards (all wines except the Cabernet-Franc-Merlot blend are from VT grapes), Snow Farm Vineyard (South Hero, VT)
  • Eggs: from Salisbury, VT
  • Sweets: Old Mill Apiaries honey comb (Fair Haven VT)