The Eat Local Challenge – Summer 2009

The Mad River Valley Locavore Project is pleased to announce our Summer 2009 Eat Local Challenge. The challenge will be held September 13 to 19, 2009.

The Eat Local Challenge is an event where participants pledge to eat only locally grown and produced foods. Participants will have the option of choosing to pledge by the meal (one or more meals), by the day (one or more days), or for the entire week.

What Is the Mad River Valley Eat Local Challenge?

Just the Facts

  • When: September 13 to 19, 2008
  • What: Eat locally grown and produced foods for a meal, a day, or for the entire week – you decide what is a challenge for you.
  • Exceptions: Marco Polo Rules apply (salt and spices that sailors could carry in their pockets for 6 months while at sea)
  • Wild Cards: Choose from 0 to 5 wilds cards for foods that you will eat during the challenge that are not local.

Locavore Starter Kits

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How far is a 100-mile radius?

From the heart of the Mad River Valley, the 100-mile radius stretches as far north as Montreal, as far south as the Massachusetts border, west into the Adirondacks, and east covering most of New Hampshire.

What about Value Added Products? I know the address on the package says Vermont, but how do I know where the food actually comes from?

Good question! One idea is to contact the manufacturer and ask them directly. Just because food is processed in Vermont doesn’t necessarily mean any of the ingredients were grown here.

Is eating locally more expensive?

Not necessarily. Most of us pay a big premium for out-of-season foods like cherries in winter or prepared foods like spaghetti sauce, usually with a long list of ingredients we might prefer not to have in our bodies. Eating locally, we can buy fresh ingredients in season and direct from the farmer–without paying for the embedded costs of trucking the produce across the country. Most people eating a typical diet could save money by eating locally.

Will it take a lot of time?

It does take time to find local food sources, to make food from scratch, to do canning for winter, and so on. But part of our goal as Locavores is to share resources and tips so that we don’t have to do all the work by ourselves.

How do you monitor if people are sticking with the pledge?

We don’t. It is strictly on the honor system. However, if you are not able to stick to your pledge, it would be really good to know why. This information could be helpful to others who take the pledge in the future.

Will it take a lot of time?

Because you are deciding what you want to pledge to do, you will determine how much time it will take to fulfill your pledge. If you pledge to grow and preserve all of your own food, obviously it is going to take quite a time commitment. On the other hand, we are lucky in the Mad River Valley to have stores and restaurants committed to local food – everyday it is getting easier to be a Locavore!