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Celebrating and supporting local food in the Mad River Valley - those who eat it and those who grow it - through education, community connections, and collective wisdom.


Don't give me 10% more in quantity, give me 10% more in quality.

George Schenk of American Flatbread in response to the food marketing gimmick of "Now you get 10% More for the same price!"



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We are a small but efficient group of committed Localvores who want to get everyone in the Mad River Valley Excited about eating local food.  If you would like to join our group, please call Robin McDermott.

Please join us!


Take the Mad River Valley Localvore Challenge

By taking the challenge you are pledging to eat only locally grown and produced foods for a meal, a day, or a week starting January 29 through February 4, 2007.  For details on the Challenge, click here

We will e-mail you information about the Challenge as it is available.  We will not provide your personal information to anyone without your permission, but we may report aggregate data about people taking the challenge such as town, total number of local meals eaten during the week, number of wildcards, etc.

Families can sign up with one person being the main contact or individual family members may join on their own.

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If family, what are the first names of the other family members and only if they are children, what are their ages (ages are optional)? 

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How are you going to challenge yourself to eat locally during the Eat Local Challenge week*

  I/we plan to eat local meals during the week (this can include a potluck)

  I/we plan to eat totally local1 food during days of the challenge week

  I/we plan to eat totally local1 food during the entire week

Please select the option that is the best fit for the challenge you are going to take.  If you choose to take the challenge for a number of local meals, please enter the number of local meals you think you will eat.  If you choose to take the challenge for a number of days, please enter the number of days you think that you will eat a totally local diet.


1Totally local means food grown, raised, and produced within 100 miles of the Mad River Valley.  However, you are allowed to use the Marco Polo Rules as well as wild cards for these Totally Local meals.

Marco Polo Rules (please select one)*

I am a purest, I plan to eat 100% local.

I plan to use only salt that is not local, but nothing else.

 I plan to use the Marco Polo Rules (salt and dried spices that sailors could carry in their pocket for 6 months at sea including baking soda, baking powder, and yeast).

Wild Cards (How many and what)*?  Please note that you don't have to stick with these and if you don't know at this point, leave blank.  We just thought that others might be interested in what people think that they will use for their wild cards.  :

  I am a purest, I do not plan on using any wild cards.

I plan to use Wild Cards

If you don't know your wild cards at this time, but you have an idea of what they will be, please add them below.  This is just so that other Localvores can get a better idea of the types of wild cards people are using.

Wild Card 1  

Wild Card 2  

Wild Card 3  

Wild Card 4  

Wild Card 5  



If you have any problems using this form, please call Robin at 496-3567.



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